About me

A few years ago I dreamed of a loving relationship but I was divorcing.

I dreamed of tenderness but all I had was a broken heart.

I longed for acceptance and warmth but I was all alone.

I was lost like never before.

And yet, fast forward almost seven years, here I am, in a relationship I’ve always wished for.


So how has it happened?

After my marriage broke up, the pain was so severe I didn’t have any other choice than to do SOMETHING about it.

And so I did.

I trusted my intuition. I combined psychology, art, primal rituals, and… common sense to help me crawl through the post-breakup crap.

Crawling throgh the post-breakup crap (2).jpg

I said goodbye to my ex, to all the hopes and dreams that died along with my marriage.

I cried out the grief and fear.

I shouted out the anger that my life really didn’t mean to be this way.

And when I did that, I found myself strong, calm, and somehow… grown up, I guess.

Only then I was ready to move on.

What feels like the end is often the beginning

I wish a breakup didn’t happen to you.

But since you’re suffering anyway, USE IT to grow!

What comes from your suffering if you do not use it to grow

So how can you start today?

Begin with my free mood booster: ‘Make today the best day since your breakup’.

Shake off the misery and feel a bit better for a change 🙂

Learn how to cope. And lope. Into a better life.

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